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Scrumdiddlyumptious Wonka Bar Invites: How to make your own Willy Wonka golden ticket invitations

If you are a Roald Dahl fan as well as a lover of all things chocolate then this easy to make invitation may be just the ticket you need. Whilst making this project you may begin to resent giving away luscious chocolate; in which case you may need to buy a few more bars just in case some get ‘broken’.

All you require for this project is a bit of printing, some bars of chocolate, good old double sided tape and some paper. All this talk of chocolate is making me hungry.

Wonka Bar Invitations What will you need?

Chocolate bars: I used at least one bar per household, but allowed children to have a whole bar each so each child got their own special invitation. The chocolate bars I used specifically were Galaxy as they still use the old fashioned foil wrappers and the colours of the foils were complimentary to the designs I had created.

  • The Wonka Scrumdiddlyumptious Cookie-licious Milky Chocolate Bar was actually Galaxy Cookie Crumble which has a purple foil wrapper.
  • The Wonka Triple Dazzle Caramel Milky Chocolate Bar was actually Galaxy Caramel which has a gold foil wrapper.
  • The Wonka Nutty Crunch Surprise Milky Chocolate Bar was actually Galaxy Smooth Milk which has a bronze foil wrapper.

Wonka Bar Invitations

You will also need;

  • Double sided sticky tape.
  • Good quality A4 matte printer paper.
  • Double sided A4 gold card.
  • A guillotine.

Step by step instructions

Wonka Bar Invitations

Firstly you will need to design and print the new Wonka wrappers. I found that you can fit two chocolate wraps on one piece of A4 printer paper. So if you are inviting forty households you will only need twenty sheets of paper, again remember that children may not want to share the chocolate!

Below are the measurements I used for my wrapper designs which are based on the original Galaxy bar wrapper dimensions.

Wonka Bar Measurements

If you are feeling lazy or lacking in creativity or time and would like to use my design then you can visit my Etsy shop below and you can purchase the original design as a PDF which you can print out yourself. I can also alter the design to suit you, just get in contact.

For added authenticity make sure you look at the original galaxy wrappers for inspiration and think about adding things like a barcode and calorie information. Feel free to copy my colour scheme and chocolate bar names, or you could be as creative as you like and design something unique to you. You could even think about re-reading Charlie and the chocolate factory for some ideas.

Step Two

Now you need to design and print out the Golden tickets. In my design I managed to place four tickets on A4 gold card. Above is a photo of the actual wording that I used on the tickets which is based on the original text in the book.

I found it quite difficult printing on the gold card as the ink from my printer seemed to sink into the card but I consulted my local tech guy (my husband) and we managed to tinker with the settings to get something usable.

Wonka Bar Invitations

Now you need to cut out all of the wrappers and invitations using the guillotine. This step is quite laborious if you have a few invitations to prepare so stick on some tunes and get into your cutting groove!

If you are sending more than one invitation to a household try and send different bars so that they get a selection, I also tried to think about sending different bars to each family group so that when they got together they had the whole creative collection!

Once all the bits are cut out you now need to take the original wrappers of the chocolate bars off carefully, insert the golden ticket and attach the new wrapper with some of the double sided tape. Remember to try and keep track of who the golden ticket is addressed to so that you can hand out or post the correct invites to the correct people.

Step Four

Hand out or post your invitations to your lucky guests! I posted most of my invites so that people got a surprise through the post as well as that special Golden Ticket Winner feeling. I even created the above stamp and printed them out onto standard sticky labels to add to the front of the parcels.